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Our goal is to halve South Africa’s school dropout rate by 2030 by spurring individual and collective ownership of the problem. We began as a research project funded by the DG Murray Trust in 2015, but we have since grown into a national advocacy campaign with two dedicated programmes of action and a national network of implementing partners. The DG Murray Trust (DGMT) is a foundation and public benefit organisation working with others in civil society to create a South Africa where every person is given the opportunity to fulfil his or her life potential. To read more about the Zero Dropout Campaign, go to

The Zero Dropout Campaign uses images, video footage and stories for advocacy work that help us to mobilise others to take action on school dropout. By allowing us to use your images, you contribute to this work and we thank you sincerely. We do not use or share images, video footage or stories for profit. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact our Communications Lead Rahima Essop on 060 564 7856 or send an email to To learn more about how personal information is processed, you can read the DGMT Data Privacy Policy by going to:

I give consent to the Zero Dropout Campaign to make, use and/or retain an image/s that may identify me, my child or an individual for whom I have authorized decision-making responsibility. I understand that by giving consent, the Zero Dropout Campaign will use the image/s in their communication outputs aimed at promoting the goals of the campaign to increase national awareness about the problem of school dropout and spur action towards addressing it. The Zero Dropout Campaign may reproduce the image/s in any form, in whole or in part, and distribute the works by any medium including the Internet, CD-ROM or other multimedia. It may also share it with its civil society partners.

I understand that these images will not be used to generate profit by either the Zero Dropout Campaign or any of the civil society organisations that the campaign may share it with.

I further understand that the Zero Dropout Campaign will not pay me for giving this consent or for the use of my image/s.