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Chris Hani West

  • Kwankqubela

  • We are an education-focused NPO. Our work is centered on enabling schools and communities to produce generations of informed, engaged, skilled, conscious, and exposed young people. We believe that poverty alleviation is possible through the provision of quality education. We are invested in creating enabling environments for the children and the youth to be capacitated and supported.

    We focus on three areas that shape their lives: home, communities, and schools. We offer School Engagement (Governance, Management, Instructional Leadership Development, Learner Support, and Whole School Development) and Community Engagement (Literacy Development Projects) Programs.

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  • Reading to Learn South Africa

  • Through rigorous training, we give teachers the tools to use the power of genre-based pedagogy in every subject for every learner at every level. Our¬†methodology has been developed in response to current urgent needs, particularly of marginalised learners, to rapidly improve reading and writing for educational access and success. These theoretical foundations are integrated in a set of teaching strategies that are optimally practical in diverse classroom settings, and accessible for teachers to acquire and use as part of their ordinary practice in their grade or curriculum area.

  •  Reading to Learn South Africa
  • Small Projects Foundation

  • Our vision is to develop ways of supporting poor and disadvantaged individuals and communities to improve their quality of life physically, socially and economically. Our Bright Futures Programme aims to empower girl children with skills and knowledge to have mastery over their own lives. It seeks to galvanise young girls to secure their futures by providing them with appropriate knowledge on puberty and sexual reproductive health, thereby inspiring them to make informed decisions and to develop a healthy self esteem. This school-based programme has resulted in a decrease in pregnancy of school learners, and a decrease in absenteeism and drop out rates.

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     Small Projects Foundation

    5 st James Road, Southernwood, East London, Eastern Cape