Yethu Network of Schools

Questionnaire for educators

Tell us about NGOs working with your school

We want to make it easier for communities to locate structures of support in their school districts. The first step is to find out whether your school is getting supporting from NGOs so that these organisations can be added to our support directory. To help us get started, tell us about what is happening in your school.

FAQs Yethu

No one is taking active responsibility for the fact that 40% of learners exit the schooling system before completing matric. We can turn this situation around for the benefit of our learners and the nation. It starts with every school taking active responsibility for their learners’ success.

Yethu is a support network of schools for learners. This network is made up of all the stakeholders in the schooling system, from national government all the way to the learners themselves – all working together to unlock the potential of South Africa’s children. Yethu Network of Schools is a programme of the Zero Dropout Campaign, a national campaign working towards halving the rate of school dropout by 2030.

The hub provides direction to the network and supports schools with resources and tools in order to achieve the common goal of reducing dropout. The hub is also responsible for activating change agents in schools who in turn inspire others to make a difference in their schools.

School leaders in each school are encouraged to nominate at least two people to act as Champion Teachers who will coordinate the formation of Yethu Clubs in their respective schools. These clubs are made up of members of the school community, like learners and even parents or caregivers. These clubs are like the engine rooms of Yethu – they are inspired and encouraged to find ways to improve their school’s culture and reduce dropout.

Champion Teachers are the foundation of the network and they are responsible for mobilising Yethu Clubs.

Quite simply, you! Everyone in the network has a vital role to play. The sharing of experiences and learnings allow everyone to grow stronger and more resilient Yethu Clubs – which ultimately leads to Yethu Schools achieving a reduction in dropout.

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