Zero Dropout Campaign

A national campaign focused on halving the rate of school dropout by 2030

The Zero Dropout Campaign wants to change the perception that school dropout is a normal occurrence by demonstrating what it takes to help learners complete Grade 12. Despite South Africa’s large investment in basic education, around 40% of learners who start school in Grade 1 will exit the schooling system before finishing matric. Many will remain stuck in poverty and unemployment for life. As a knowledge hub, we’ve collaborated with a number of non-profit organisations (NPOs) to test models of intervention to prevent dropout. Read more

Reading for Meaning Programme

Reading for Meaning Programme
Reading for Meaning is an accelerated catch-up programme for learners using Pratham’s principle of Teaching at the Right Level. This approach focuses on a child’s learning needs rather than their age or what grade they’re in.

Advocacy Focus Areas

Using data to reduce dropout

Using data to
reduce dropout

Our education system would benefit hugely from collecting accurate, detailed and regular information about schools and learners.
Why school culture matters

Why school
culture matters

School culture in which there is bullying or physical punishment, or teachers are absent from class, can push learners away from school.
Anti-dropout strategies

Dropout prevention

Some learners stay in and do well at school, despite challenging circumstances. Why?