Combating South Africa’s Alarming Dropout Rate

As the new year school year commences, many Grade 1 pupils will begin their schooling careers. However, a sizable portion of them may not complete matric. It is estimated that only 45% of learners who begin Grade 1, will write their matric exams in 12 years time. This is mainly attributed to the high dropout rate in the country. 

Rahima Essop, Head of Communications and Advocacy at the Zero Dropout Campaign, explains that many different factors can play a role in children not completing school. She explains that there are up to 40 different risk factors that could lead to learners dropping out of school. One worrying statistic is that young boys are twice as likely to drop out or repeat a grade, compared to girls. She adds that the Department of Basic Education (DBE) is aware of this and are looking at implementing strategies to combat this. 

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