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King Cetshwayo

  • Kwanhliziyonye Resource Care Centre

  • Here at Kwanhliziyonye Resource Care Centre we offer a number of services that cater to vulnerable people in our community. We care for TB and HIV positive individuals, linking them with the relevant health care facilities. We also care for orphans and vulnerable children, providing nutrition and a homework / after school programme. We do school visits where we educate learners about teenage pregnancy. Above this, we also run a door to door campaign where we  engage with our community on the importance of the first one thousand days of life, where we aim to educate people about the value of good child nutrition.

  •   0712488374
     Kwanhliziyonye Resource Care Centre
  • Reading to Learn South Africa

  • Through rigorous training, we give teachers the tools to use the power of genre-based pedagogy in every subject for every learner at every level. Our methodology has been developed in response to current urgent needs, particularly of marginalised learners, to rapidly improve reading and writing for educational access and success. These theoretical foundations are integrated in a set of teaching strategies that are optimally practical in diverse classroom settings, and accessible for teachers to acquire and use as part of their ordinary practice in their grade or curriculum area.

  •  Reading to Learn South Africa
  • New LoveLife Trust

  • Commonly known as “LoveLife”, we are a South African non-profit youth organisation that was established in 1999 as a joint initiative of leading South African non-governmental organisations, private foundations and the South African government. With the passage of time our vision has evolved to not only focus on HIV prevention, but rather to become “a leader in Youth Health Promotion” where Health, in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO), is defined as a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”. We position our programmes not only for risk reduction and active lifestyles but also as the generator of empowered young people with a better future. We are POWERING THE FUTURE!

  •   031 312 7288
     New LoveLife Trust


    05 Walnut Road, Smart Xchange Building, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal 4001.

  • Teenagers and Youth Health of South Africa

  • We are a dedicated interdisciplinary youth organization with an agenda to uplift and to protect young people and key-populations of South Africa. Our Mandate is to create a safe environment for adolescents and youth. We are dedicated to fight against social ills that are destroying the future of young people in our country such as communicable diseases (HIV/AIDS,TB) ,Gender Based Violence/GBV, Drugs and Alcohol Abuse, Teenage Pregnancy and Illiteracy.

  •   0671106480
     Teenagers and Youth Health of South Africa


    Office no 16 Makhoba and Associates Building, 103 Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi drive, Eshowe, 3815.


  • We are a non-profit education development agency. Our mission is to provide quality education development opportunities for mathematics and science teachers and learners in under-resourced and rural schools in South Africa. Our organisation offers teaching support, content support, and resources for teaching and learning. We are also offer support for professional learning communities, school leadership support and psycho-social support programmes. We are also involved in advocacy work and research within the education sector.

  •   0318262508